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How to Sell Your Product Effectively on Facebook

Nokia mobile phone used to be very famous with it’s punchline: connecting people. But now when talking about connection, everyone would agree that Facebook has been the greatest tool to connect people from all around the world. From the initial intention of people interaction it has emerged into more powerful tool for business: sales and marketing.

Whilst as a social media platform Facebook is best use as the channel to connect with the market, to communicate your product and enhance your brand awareness, more and more people are using it as their so-called online shop.

Yes people start selling their product on their Facebook page. There may not be any harm in doing this but unless you involve Facebook app to help you with the selling process your effort can probably be useless or ineffective.

As a social media, Facebook on it’s own doesn’t have the facility to enable online transaction between you and your costumer. You can upload your products as many as you want but transaction will be done manually. There are several apps to help you selling your product on Facebook effectively but behind all that there is one thing that you MUST have: a website.

Most e-commerce apps on Facebook will lead you back to your own website. After all a website is your business mothership in the virtual world where all transaction happens. From there you can also generate daily, weekly or even monthly transaction report with just one click.

Not only that, with your own website you can always do back up so if something happens to the server and your website crashed you will be able to retrieve the last backed up data and your website will be back in no time. Unlike your Facebook account. Once it’s hacked you will be crying out loud because your hard work is just gone completely.

So what’s best to make selling your product effective is to integrate your Facebook page with your website and the vise versa.

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